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Heads . . . Or Tails!

Posted: May 28, 2020

Munchkin has gone to the dogs . . . plus foxes, mice, and ponies! Anthropomorphic animals have always been popular, from the beast-headed gods of Egypt to Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny today. Now you can bring them into the dungeon, fighting off opponents such as the Human Rights Activist, the Robot Vacuum, or even the feared Animal Control Enforcer. Use a Tail Flail or a Cone of Defiance as you work to be the first of your species to reach Level 10! Preorder Munchkin Tails now on Warehouse 23!

Sanity Check!

Posted: May 27, 2020

Being a Cultist is a lot harder than you might think. It's good to stop occasionally and make sure you're OK. Add these 30 cards to your Munchkin Cthulhu game for the ultimate test of your sanity! Order Munchkin Cthulhu: Sanity Check now on Warehouse 23!

Let Your Plans Come Together!

Posted: May 26, 2020

With the Dungeon Fantasy Dungeon Planner, you can organize your own crypt-crawling adventure like never before. This blank canvas awaits your creativity to fill it, with pages for rooms, encounters, traps, wandering monsters, and more. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

New Worlds Await

Posted: May 25, 2020

Power up your spaceship and get ready for adventure! GURPS Classic: Space Atlas 4 includes dozens of new worlds to visit, each with their own maps, backgrounds, and ideas for how to use them. You've got places to go and people to see, and your interstellar travels begin with a download from Warehouse 23!

Get Ready For One-On-One Combat

Posted: May 24, 2020

With Man to Man, you'll visit GURPS' earliest roots. Play this supplement as a standalone fantasy combat game, or use it as fast-paced inspiration for other games. Get your weapons, get your armor, and get this download from Warehouse 23!

Behold, The Horseclans!

Posted: May 23, 2020

The world of Robert Adams' fan-favorite Horseclans series comes to life with GURPS Classic: Horseclans. It includes info on the book series, game stats for important characters, rules for two types of immortals, and more. It's up to you to rebuild civilization . . . and it begins with a download from Warehouse 23!

Grave Mistakes!

Posted: May 22, 2020

No one ever thinks to hide in the cemetery when the zombies roam the streets. With your sensible heels and a personalized gravestone, what could possibly go wrong? Add these 30 cards to your Munchkin Zombies game to find out! Order Munchkin Zombies: Grave Mistakes now on Warehouse 23!

Landing Party!

Posted: May 21, 2020

Life on the ship is boring. Going down to the planet is where it's at. Add these 30 cards to your Star Munchkin game for a real landing party. But watch out for uninvited guests! Order Star Munchkin: Landing Party now on Warehouse 23!

More Knights!

Posted: May 20, 2020

Add some nobility to your game! Four stalwart knights to add to your Munchkin game. You don't have to have Munchkin Knights to make use of this, but you know you want it. Order Munchkin Knights: Four More now on Warehouse 23!


Posted: May 19, 2020

In Gelatinous, players start out as a wandering slime, using sparkling green dice to grow into a cube. But watch out, the other slimes are growing too! The first to grow into a cube wins – and the rest are lunch. Order now on Warehouse 23!

Spell Trouble For Monsters!

Posted: May 18, 2020

When it comes to dungeons, magic makes everything easier. GURPS Magical Styles: Dungeon Magic builds off the foundation of GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles with new rules, secret spells, and options for seven sorcerous societies each with their own approach to crypt-crawling capacities. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Can't Spell "Necromancer" Without "Romance"

Posted: May 17, 2020

How bad do things have to be to consider a trip to a necromancer-ruled island to be a good thing? Book passage now to the City of the Dead with GURPS Banestorm: Abydos. Information on its horrific history, frightening features, and deadly denizens are just a download away, thanks to Warehouse 23.

Secret Agents Wanted

Posted: May 16, 2020

If your GURPS Classic: Espionage heroes aren't too busy, maybe they can save the world? GURPS Classic: Operation Endgame contains four pulse-pounding adventures perfect for those who want a fake passport in one hand, a cutting-edge pistol in the other, and martini on order. Operation Endgame begins with a download from Warehouse 23!

A Significant Percentage Was Kung-Fu Fighting

Posted: May 15, 2020

If heroes are defined by what they do, then GURPS Classic: Martial Arts Adventures can really define some heroes. It contains three ready-to-play scenarios suitable for fantastic fighters in the past, present, and future. The battle begins with a download from Warehouse 23!

So Much Gaming Goodness

Posted: May 14, 2020

What do you get when you collect 19 of the best pieces from the original issues of Pyramid magazine? We strongly suspect it'd look something like GURPS Classic: Best Of Pyramid 1. This compilation of campaigns, optional rules, and adventures is a tabletop trove – and it's a download away from Warehouse 23!