On the Edge: Surviving on the Edge

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The On the Edge Player's Survival Guide

"Hey, buddy! You need a ride. No, I'm sayin' 'You need a ride!' Get in.

"Man, you're lucky I found you before . . . well, let's just say you're lucky. You shouldn't be hanging 'round here; you could get hurt. Isis! Look at that guy over there. You coulda ended up like him. That's why I'm sayin' consider yourself lucky.

"How long you been on Al Amarja? That all? Now look here, there's a few things you gotta know if you're gonna make it.

"First, never take your hand off your drink. Second, never assume somebody doesn't want you whacked. Now, don't go gettin' all nervous. I got no reason to pop a fare . . . usually. Least not before you're at your destination - speaking of which, here's your hotel. That'll be $9.50.

"Naw, keep the tip. 'A fair price for a fair ride.' that's Giovanni's motto. Advice, that's free."

On the Edge is the collectible trading-card game of surreal conspiracies, set on the (mostly) fictitious Mediterranean island of Al Amarja. Surviving On the Edge explores that world through the eyes of its inhabitants. Players new to the setting can tour the background to find more enjoyment in their games, while those already acquainted with the Over the Edge roleplaying game environment will gain further insight in this in-depth exploration of On the Edge. In these pages you will find:

  • Descriptions of conspiracies through the eyes of other groups;
  • Notes on strategy;
  • Complete card errata;
  • Complete card lists up to and including the Shadows expansion;
  • Variant rules of play.

Armed with this information (and a load of good advice), you'll soon find yourself Surviving On the Edge.