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It's Not Your Father's Victorian Era!

Posted: July 13, 2020

Discover a world where Queen Victoria was never born and thus the Victorian Age never came to be. With GURPS Infinite Worlds: Britannica-6, you'll learn about an alternate timeline where the Georgian era still reigns supreme, as giant war machines vie for supremacy, and aristocratic maneuvering turns the most seemingly mundane meetings into life-or-death encounters. A world unlike any you've known awaits a download from Warehouse 23!

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Final Day To Get A Dozen GURPS PDFs For Only Three Bucks!

July 13, 2020

This is your chance, gang, to take advantage of the GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge on Kickstarter and secure a dozen new 10-page GURPS PDFs for a pledge of as little as $3. . . . Read More

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